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The Perfect Girl: Short Film Review


The Perfect Girl

Cast: Sara Arjun, Raj Arjun, Vinod Rawat
Director: Nadeem Shah
Language: Hindi
Genre: Drama
Channel: Naahid Shah Films
Release Date: 24th September 2018.

Synopsis: The perfect girl’ is a short film that shows how no physical disability gets in the way of one’s dreams and desires and all you need is a mighty heart. This short film starring Sara Arjun as the main lead is an intriguing tale of a fisherman girl who develops an interest in dance. The dance teacher who is out there notices her interest and offers her to join her not knowing that the girls hearing and speech is impaired.


  • This films inspiration level is at par.
  • The combination of delivering the message to the audience is well achieved.
  • A perfectly crafted and well-edited film.
  • The father-daughter relation in short time is shown in an alluring way.
  • A clear description of love, passion, dreams, and holding your ground to it.


  • There are no thumbs down for the short film.

Bottom Line: A bittersweet mix of emotions with legit reality checks and being persistent about following your dreams until the end.


  • Aamir Khan the perfectionist and Hrithik Roshan both shared The perfect girl short film on twitter saying its heart touching and a “Dash of the sparkle of dreams.”

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