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Jutti : Short Film Review


Cast: Vishwas Kini, Shivani Raghuvanshi
Director: Mohinder Pratap Singh
Language: Hindi
Genre: Romance, Comedy
Channel: humara movie
Release Date: 13 February 2018


The story revolves around Ami, a Gujarati girl, who is visiting Punjab with a group of friends and Harry, a Punjabi guy who has a shoe store. A regular, boring day at work turns out to be very interesting for Harry for obvious reasons. While racing up a hill, Ami’s sandal breaks which takes her to Harry’s shoe shop. While trying to sell her the ‘jutti’, Harry also tries to woo her and ends up giving the shoes to her for free with the hope that he’d see her again. Does he see her again? Or does his love story remain a mystery?


  • Dev Agarwal has done a spectacular job with the cinematography showing the Punjab countryside in all its glory. The tighter shots of the leads are also convincingly portrayed to bring out the hesitation of new attraction.
  • It’s a fresh change from the typical dark topics taken up by short filmmakers and is sure to leave you feeling light and happy.
  • The lead actors work on their parts beautifully and are natural with their accents and suit the slice-of-life vibe of the film.
  • The background score is a wistful track that resonates with the butterflies of new love.


Nothing. There’s no reason why you should miss this one.


This Jutti is fresh, light and beautiful; it’ll fit you like a glove no matter what your age. Be sure to watch this easy breezy ode to romance


  • The short film’s lead Vishwas Kini is a Punjabi theatre and film actor who won the national award for his work in the Punjabi film, Punjab 1984 and has also worked with AMC and BBC network for the American series McMafia.
  • Shivani Raghuvanshi has made her Bollywood debut with the 2015 film, Titli.


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