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Love, Bites: Short Film Review


love bites

Cast: Harleen Sethi, Satyajeet Dubey, Aparajita Dey, Ajay Shanker, and Surbhi Pathania.
Director: Ajay Govind.
Language: Hindi, English.
Genre: Romantic drama, Thriller.
Channel: Pocket Films.
Release Date: 1st December, 2018.


Love, Bites is a love story of Meghna (Harleen Sethi)- a scientist of natural herbalism and Karthik (Satyajeet Dubey)- an artist. Their week starts off normal, though with a hickey, which turns into conversation starters. A simple conversation between the couple brings up memories from Meghna’s past, planting the seed of insecurity in Karthik’s mind. Haunted by it, the end takes an unexpected turn, questioning what’s real and what isn’t.


  • Tale as old as times, Love, Bites explores masculine jealousy with a unique twist. An alluring take on love and insecurity, the plot keeps you on your toes, prompting you to think “what happens next?” constantly.
  • The ending is truly thrilling and baffling, leaving viewers to grapple with what really happened. And it’s not really a curveball, once you go back to make sense of it. The start and end sequence are similar, conveying the sheer brilliance of foresight.
  • Harleen and Satyajeet are a delight to watch, doing justice to their assigned roles.
  • Ajay Govind manages to present the worn-out concept in a new, interesting light.
  • Bonus points for the original sound track, which is hauntingly beautiful.


  • The lightening could have been a bit better.
  • The film can seem a bit tedious and slow, except at the end. Persist till the end.

Bottom Line:

A break from the usual happily-ever-after love stories, Love, Bites explores the dark side of love.


  • Love, Bites has won accolades such as Best Music/Sound category at the Largo Film Awards (UK) and was the Semi-finalist at Best of India Short Film Festival, 2017.
  • Harleen Sethi recently shot to fame with her role in ALTBalaji’s original web series Broken But Beautiful, starring opposite Vikrant Massey.
  • Satyajeet Dubey who started his film carrier with Always Kabhi Kabhi, has been in short films such as Harshit and Eleonora.
  • Ajay Govind, the lyricist and director, has 50 commisioned documentaries, a feature film, 2 short films and 4 music video to his credit. Sisyphus Rocks Films is a film vertical of Ajay’s creative agency rhythm. images.



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