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Matched! Short Film Review


Cast: Surbhi Dhyani and Nirupama Verma (India); Muhammad Ahsan and Shabbir Rana (Pakistan).
Director: Anahad Madhav (India); Arbab Hussain (Pakistan).
Language: Hindi, Urdu.
Genre: Romance, Drama.
Channel: Arre (YouTube Channel), Teeli (YouTube Channel).
Release Date: 14th August 2018.

Synopsis: Maya from Amritsar and Sameer from Lahore get matched on Tinder during an India-Pakistan cricket match. Although they belong to different countries, they keep in touch, eventually falling in love. Maya wants to continue her studies in London and build her career, and Sameer wants to quit his job and work on his own start-up. What follows is a heart-warming story as both the sides become huge support for each other in their attempt to convince their parents to allow them to fulfill their dreams.


  • The short film goes beyond the political landscape and the relations between the two countries and gives an absolute focus to two people falling for each other. The exclusion of any mention of nation, politics, or religion as a barrier has made this a story based on the purity of love and relationship between two people.
  • The background music was just perfect. It was suitable during both light-hearted as well as emotional scenes and successfully helped in setting up the right pleasant mood.
  • Great performance by both the lead actors, who played their roles really well. The fun conversations and the banter between the two over various topics like cricket, Maggi, and even the possible names of their kids, helped us get connected to the characters much better.
  • The cinematography had a professional feel to it, and the transitions between scenes such as the wall in between and the lowering of the basket by a rope were very creatively done.
  • The short film had quite a number of parallel scenes happening in both the places at the same time – Watching the match, eating, on the terrace, the maid sweeping the floor, talking to the parents about their ambitions, shouting from the windows, etc. – All of these gave off the message that we are much more alike than we aren’t.
  • People from both the countries will resonate with the characters from their own as well as the other country. It is relatable and shows the reality that we are all just people with similar cultures, food, language, habits, struggles in life, etc. We are not so different after all.
  • The short film just leaves us wanting for more! That is not an easy task to achieve.


  • There’s nothing really bad about this short film.

Bottom Line:

Kudos to the teams of Arre and Teeli for this beautifully made heart-warming short film!


  • Matched! is the result of a collaboration between Arre and Teeli at all levels. Both the teams and the cast never met personally, but were in constant communication with each other through Skype calls, documents, and file sharing, during the whole process, including scripting, production, and post-production.

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