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Iktarfa Short Film Review


Iktarfa short film

Cast: Kinshuk Sen, Pavitra Mattoo, and Snayhil Aneja.
Director: Palash Sen
Language: Hindi
Genre: Romantic Drama
Channel: Large Short Films
Release Date: 30 August 2018

Synopsis: Iktarfa short film starting with two millennials having their wedding discussion going on in the family. Sam who is shown playing a female lead is dominating and educated whereas the boy Hari Mohan portrays a strong artistic character with just 12th pass certificate. The male protagonist is also shown narrating the story. The story whirls around a love triangle and how Hari Mohan helps his beloved to fulfill her dreams, of marrying another guy. The story is not complete as the end sequence shows “to be continued” shot, giving us a clue of the next part coming soon.


  • The narrative is different which is shown in the short film. As the protagonist himself is narrating the story, it connects well with the viewers giving you an insight of his thoughts.
  • The most lovable part of the entire short film is the dialogues some of them are taken from novels while some are written.
  • The language and culture are shown in the film give you a North Indian vibe.
  • The short film gives you a glimpse of the plot of how two people meet and their story transforming into a love story.
  • They also talk about individual dreams and aspirations giving it a fresh look and feel.


  • The end is a little abrupt.
  • The length of this film could have been shortened and made crisp.

Bottom Line: The story describes the power of love and the concept of marriage in India.


Palash Sen who is a writer, actor, singer and founder of Rock/Pop band “Euphoria” is the director of this short film.

Trailer Out, Check Now!!!

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