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Waterbaby: Short Film Review



Cast: Viraj Khemani, Gracy Singh, Pravishi Das, Suhaas Ahuja, Chitra Palekar, Rishikesh Prabhu, Akash Nath, Aradhana Uppal, Nyla Masood, Payal Nair, Usha Yadav, Yogesh Ambhire, Mahika Singh, Kuvira Rohira.
Director: Pia Shah.
Language: English, Konkani.
Genre: Family, Children.
Channel: Large Short Films (YouTube Channel).
Release Date: 14 November, 2018.

Synopsis: A boy named Melvin is afraid of water after being thrown into a swimming pool as a young child. After being invited to a pool party by the new girl in class, Debbie, and inspired by his favorite superhero, he decides to overcome this fear and take a dive.           


  • Viraj Khemani’s performance in the role of Melvin is commendable. Considering that he does not have prior acting experience, his portrayal of emotions such as love, fear, courage, etc. deserves applause. The supporting cast has done a pretty great job as well.
  • The storyline is short, sweet, and simple. It introduces you to Melvin’s fear, and ends with Melvin’s victory over his fear. It’s a whole adventure within fifteen minutes.
  • The short film took us on a journey through Melvin’s life, and introduced us to various aspects such as his family, bullying in school, his inspiration, as well as the young innocent love he develops for the girl. These elements added more depth to the story.
  • The incorporation of animation in this short film, including the parallel drawn between Melvin and Aqua Boy in the ending, was entertaining, and was used excellently to serve the motive of being an inspiration for Melvin.
  • The production, cinematography, background music, and editing helped quite a lot establishing the era in time, and also facilitated the depiction of childlike wonder that Melvin felt during certain scenes. Overall, Waterbaby is visually appealing.


  • There was nothing wrong with the short film.

Bottom Line:

Waterbaby is a small journey that will warm your heart and leave you with a smile.


  • The short film is inspired by director Pia Shah’s own fear of water. To rid her of her phobia, Pia’s parents enrolled her in a swimming class, where the coach pushed her into a swimming pool, leaving her scarred and aggravating her fear.
  • The animation with the superhero was especially created for the short film by an animation team in Mumbai.
  • Pia Shah was a script supervisor on films such as Bombay Talkies, Cocktail, Don 2, among others.

Watch The Trailer Here:

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