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Siblings: Short Film Review


Here’s why you should definitely watch Large Short Films latest perfect short, Siblings, directed by Sheetal Menon. A story of two sisters bound by the noose of their comatose father, it is worth the long duration it runs for.

Siblings Short Film Review

Cast: Sheetal Menon, Shivani Tanksale, Mohini Kewalramani, Nakul Vaid, Sunil Shroff.

Director: Sheetal Menon.

Language: Hindi.

Genre: Drama.

Channel: Large Short Films (YouTube).

Release Date: 12th November 2019.


They say family binds you together. Sometimes what might have strayed away stands afloat because of family. Nidhi (Shivani Tanksale) and Diya (Sheetal Menon) are the perfect examples of this bond- a bond that has become a strangling noose around their necks. Caring for a comatose father- Sanjeev (Sunil Shroff), the sisters are living a life that is as alive as him, a shell of memory that once breathed. How far will they go before realizing that sometimes breaking free of these bonds is the only way to be the family they want to be?


  • Humans are habitual animals. We get sucked into the vortex of routine after a point of time, and no matter how hard you try, you can never get out of certain obligations and responsibilities, even if it’s stunting your growth. Siblings is one such story of two sisters, whose lives revolve around caring for their machine-breathing father.
  • The film starts with the sucking-whirring noise of the ventilator, the constant background music to the sisters’ life. Nidhi and Diya’s life has become as toneless and irritating as that beeping noise. More often than not they are at each other’s throat, their fights an ugly and brutal war of words. The fragile thread of empathy gets strained to the point of breaking between rationality and reality. The grandmother is the silent spectator as she witnesses the imminent crash of her only living family.
  • Nidhi is stretched thin emotionally as she tries to make ends meet- medicine isn’t cheap and neither is life. The financial supporter of the family, Nidhi seems like an emotionless robot to Diya’s caring persona. While all she seems to think about is money, Diya takes care of grandmother and father diligently. But then you see Nidhi breaking down after her boyfriend dumps her, while Diya revels in casual dating, not caring to form emotional attachments. Their life has become a complex paradox, yin to each other’s yang. Shivani and Sheetal give life to these characters, breathing the angst and dejection effectively into their roles.
  • The cinematography and music come together perfectly to create a setting, a mood, for the plot to take place in. The low lightening in the film compliments the dull and dreary existence the siblings’ life has become. Even the outdoor sequences lack the vibrancy of warmth, and it returns towards the end when things take a turn for better. Dhruv Visvanath’s music, used in small dosages, puts across the somberness in a lilting, haunting melody.


  • Not a thing.

Bottom Line:

Siblings show a side of human nature where the death of a loved one seems better than their existence. Worth a watch.


  • Sheetal Menon, who plays Diya, is also the writer and director of Siblings. She made her digital debut on Web with Eros Now’s web series Flip.

Watch The Short Film Here:

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