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Sketchy Behaviour by Kanan Gill & Kenny Sebastian: Comedy Review


Sketchy Behaviour by Kanan Gill & Kenny Sebastian: Comedy Review

Comedian(s): Kanan Gill, Kenny Sebastian.
Channel: Amazon Prime Video.
Language: English, Hindi.
Release Date: 14th February 2019.
Catch Phrase:

“‘You’re saying the names of the fonts.’

‘Yes, I’m quite fond of it.’”


    • It’s always a pleasure to watch either Kenny or Kanan perform, and them doing it together is a blast. Sketchy Behaviour is a wholesome script, with a proper beginning and an end, and every second of it is hilarious. From the starting credits, right from the disclaimer to the concluding scene, the laughter quotient is off the roof.
    • The sketch is actually a combination of total 6 different sketches, connected together by a single thread, which is also a sketch. So basically, in Kanan and Kenny’s own words, a sketchception.

  • The hour-long piece doesn’t feel too long, thanks to the artists. The use of repetition is so effective that it doesn’t feel dull and dreary, but instead enhances the situation. The title of the piece is perfectly justified with each sketch, where the viewers are in for a pleasant surprise.
  • The stage setting for each sketch is perfectly matched up and supported by the brilliant use of lightening and background score.


  • It could get a little complex, in the last sketch of the segment, and you might scramble to keep up with what’s happening even initially, but it’s all worth it once you catch up.

The Final Verdict:

Sit back and get ready to be blown away with laughter and sketchy scripts, with Kanan and Kenny’s Sketchy Behaviour.

Watch The Trailer Here:

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