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Pata Nhi Par Bolna Hai by Karunesh Talwar: Stand-up Review

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Pata Nhi Par Bolna Hai

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Comedian: Karunesh Talwar.
Language: Hindi.
Release Date: 4th October 2019.
Platform: Amazon Prime Video.


Everyone is afraid of something – heights, spiders, old-age, liberals – you get the gist. Karunesh Talwar, the guy who gives it to you straight in a way that puts him apart from all the other observational comic artists, is afraid of turning into a typical Indian Uncle. In this one-hour stand-up special he desperately and ferociously explains why he has developed this fear, giving mansplaining a whole new meaning (feminists get your notepads out).

Starting off with weird (and questionable) feedback he gets, Karunesh takes the viewers through the various instances where the men of our male-dominated society behave in a way that, once again, makes you question their dominance. From Dad-jokes, gestures defining your uncle status, to the utter conviction with which they try to justify their stupid actions, Karunesh will leave you in sidesplitting laughter. In this tirade of man-hating, he also talks about sharks, computer classes in school and dubious traditions of school- without breaking the link.

And that’s another one of his skill- maintaining the taut rope of your attention even if he goes off-skit. He handles the disturbances and audience interaction with a fluid grace of a true comedian, ingesting humor in the spaces and making it a wholesome experience.

“ Dusre pati apni anniversary bhool jate hai uncle, aap poori ki poori ardhangini bhool gaye.”


Not a thing.

The Final Verdict:

A man-hating on men? How often do you get to see that? Never! Go Karunesh!

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