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Abhishek Upmanyu- Caught in an action


Abhishek Upmanyu

So, this gig is about Porn, folks! Brings us to the edge of our seats, doesn’t it? We have all had our share of porn-experiences and some of those could be comical gigs in themselves! And hence, this sought-after subject is expected to be turned into a side-splitting fest in this Abhishek Upmanyu act about his first encounters with porn as a 14-year-old.

For stand-up comedy enthusiasts, Abhishek is not an unknown name. His strengths lie in striking a chord with the audience about the typical middle-class clowning and setting the most famously hilarious undertones to very regular day-to-day scenarios. His earlier gigs about Mumbai to Nashik recommendations by a South Mumbai girl and Indian-insults comebacks are supremely funny and relatable.

In this video, however, he perhaps fails to keep the interest going. He starts off ridiculously funny, as is typical with an Abhishek act. His story-telling encompasses how he gets hold of the video to how he would generally watch it with an alternative arrangement ready in case someone walks into him doing, you know, funky stuff! What with the mouse pointer firmly on the cross button and a book open on his lap for emergencies, he makes us ROFL because come on, we have all had our ‘arrangements’ back then! The dad walking into him and forgetting to take his eyes off the porn is an unintended mocking mirror shown to the Indian attitude towards porn.

It’s post this that the content goes a little downhill- the drive, “the talk” etc are hardly funny. In fact, the punches seem to be quite disconnected from the context and from each other. What keeps me as an audience still glued and wanting to finish the video, is his speaking style- a very regular boy-next-door demeanor with a slight adorable lisp, a devil-may-care attitude and extremely animated deliveries. It feels like it was a half-hearted attempt at something that could have made the audience shriek with laughter, right till the end.

Our recommendation – a good one time watch.

Watch the video here –

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