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I GOT TROLLED! by Sahil Shah : Stand-up Review

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Comedian: Sahil Shah.
Language: Hindi.
Release Date: 19th April 2019.
Platform: East India Comedy (YouTube).

“I think after 4 penis related tweets, he blocked me. So I can actually say I have been cock blocked.”


Sahil Shah owns the stage and the audience in his latest stand-up with his cracking wit and a touch of sentiment. He takes a dig at the rampant trolling culture on the internet- specifically on Twitter, providing a solution at the end to tackle the negativity (and we definitely advise you to apply it).

Keeping trolling as the focal point, Sahil, very artistically, sneaks in his ‘political satirist’ persona, commenting on the recent political happening such as the surgical strikes, the High Josh of deshbhakts, the launch of Vande Bharat Express, and the government (you know which) in general. His puns are on-point and hilarious, taking observational comedy to a whole new level. You’ll know it when you see it.

A comic artist knows the art of taking their vulnerabilities and failure and turning it into comedy, effectively addressing the issue in a light way. Sahil takes it a notch further- he actually addresses the issue of trolling and its effect on an individual, without any humorous touch to it. And no it definitely doesn’t dampen the experience, in fact, it makes you appreciate Sahil’s intelligence and sensibility even more.

Pay attention to the subtitles; they are not just translations but also work as filling the blanks or commentary on his punch lines. And they are equally, if not more so, hilarious.

Sahil’s comic piece continues even after the stand-up is over, in the post-credits, in form of a Twitter back and forth between trollers’ and him.

P. S. You have got to love his bow-tie.


As long as you understand we live in a democratic country which allows everyone to have a freedom of speech and expression, there’s nothing offensive or derogatory in this piece to put you off.

The Final Verdict:

I GOT TROLLED! is an all-encompassing comic piece, a rare entity, that has the three E’s- Entertainment, Enlightenment and Emotion. A must watch to relieve the stress of everyday life!

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