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Karunesh Talwar – long running Khiladi

Karuneshwar Talwar standups comedian

If you follow stand-up comedy then you must have surely heard the name Karunesh Talwar. And if you like Karunesh Talwar there is no way you have not watched his new stand up gig on Master Chef.

Two weeks ago, this video started spreading across social media like wild fire. It was almost a gap of a year that Karunesh had uploaded a video and fans lapped it up instantly. It had a range of topics from obesity, to the drudgery of a routine job to bad Bollywood music and plagiarism. But for the bulk of the video he spoke on the popular cookery show of Master Chef Australia. And from the word go, had us in splits.

The premise is about an Indian contestant trying out the humble bhajiya (or fritters) on a show of International stature. What makes it interesting is the way he has framed it along all the associations we typically associate with bhajiya – good weather, old time classic songs, it packed in loose newspaper roadside for a measly Rs. 7 and juxtaposed it beautifully alongside the gravitas and detailing that goes behind the world’s biggest cookery show. This contradiction has been framed amazingly well. He sure has minutely watched every episode as can be made out with the nuances of Australian accent that have been captured by him.

It is not all hunky dory as he gradually changes gears and goes grim with the drudgery that is associated with a 9 to 5 job. The millennial crowd sure relates to it as apparent in the silence after he says “De Di apni aadhi se zyada zindagi kisi ghatiya boss ke haato”. But trust Karunesh to turn it on its head and make that hilarious as well.

In a sweet gesture he has gone ahead and apologised on Social Media to that Indian Contestant for the trolls she has had to face because of this video and she too has taken it sportingly. But maybe he can avoid mentioning names of contestants and celebrities going forward.

Samajhdaar ko isshaara hi kaafi?

You can watch the entire gig here –

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