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Life Is Good by Ashish Shakya: Stand-up Review

Life Is Good by Ashish Shakya: Stand-up Review poster
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Comedian: Ashish Shakya.
Language: English, Hindi.
Release Date: 7th February 2020.
Platform: Amazon Prime Video.
Ashish Shakya did his first-ever Stand-up Special for Amazon Prime Video, titled Life Is Good. Is it good? Find out!

““Sunroof wo cheez hai jisse din me dhoop andar aati hai, aur raat ko chutiya bahar nikalta hai.””


Ashish’s first Stand-up Special for Prime Video and he is his usual fearless and unabashed self in it. In the first 25 minutes, he’s throwing all his “exceptional observational skills” to use, by commenting on the overhyped pride we feel for being the 90s kids, comparing the bygone generation of meanies to this generation of the woke, the trials of being in 30s, and some political shading to go with it all.

When Shakya roasts, you have to have some fire-protecting measures handy, because he aims to burn. He hits at the hypocrisy we, as a society, garner for certain things and people, in a not so subtle way, because honestly subtlety never works in these manners. With his jovial, no-nonsense style, Ashish force-feeds you these harsh truths, first with laughter, and later on in a somber manner.

Despite his reservations about his age, Shakya outdoes his insecurities in his performance. With every action, reaction and expression, he makes you laugh anew.

Bonus points for a spot on Javed Akhtar mimicry. Hearing the poet is never going to be the same again.


Though he warned you in his trailer for Life Is Good about how it doesn’t have a set theme, the Special tells another story. As Shakya himself said and we are paraphrasing here, a person reminisces about his good old days when his present isn’t so good. So the title of the Special and the entire set revolves around that. Why is it a negative point though? Shakya seems to be out of his element and confused about the flow of the set. There’re noticeable continuity jerks as he jumps from one topic to another; especially towards the end where he becomes vulnerably honest about depression, the inclusion of sexual jokes scream ‘TMI’ and pointlessness. To prove the point that the set doesn’t follow a theme, he also cracks some random jokes, that don’t work at all.

An observational comedy works, when the artist portrays things we see every day in a new, comical light. Though Shakya’s jokes incite a chuckle out of you, it is nothing we haven’t heard before. To some extent, the set might even remind you of Rohan Joshi’s Wake N Bake.

The Final Verdict:

Life Is Good is a hit and miss Special, that you should watch only if you are a hardcore Shakya fan.

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