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Young at heart and youthful Atul Khatri


50 years of age, salt and pepper hair, CEO by the day and defying all stereotypes of Indian stand-up comedy in style- that’s Atul Khatri for you! He is a power house of talent. The most prominent thing about his performances, is that there is a natural flow to the content and there is no desperation to derive at the punches. It would seem like he is talking to you, over a drink or two and effortlessly cracking you up!

And in this uproarious gig about India and its neighbours, he maintains his superbly smooth narration style. As soon as there is a mention of Pakistan, it’s a given that the audience’s interest and expectation spikes up. But Khatri does not let you down. He is nailing it every moment of the gig! If you have been to the Wagah border, you know the electrifying atmosphere there is. Khatri captures the contrast in the enthusiasm in the Pakistani against Indian stands so perfectly, you feel like you’re back at the border! And you’re sure to ROFL, as he gives you the ‘aakraman’ visual with the crowd attacking Pakistan armed with only DSLRs and handycams!

There is a very clear political undertone to this gig, but seriously, who cares when he is describing the Pakistanis singing “Ae mere watan ke logon” in chorus with us. “Janab, haath mei paani nahi aankh mei bhar lo paani” made us hysterical with laughter!

There is a quick jump across J&K from west to east, and Khatri is describing China nibbling on India’s border. His explanation of the autos trying to cross the Bandra border to a South Mumbaikar is insanely funny. We love the South Mumbaikar jabs, and this one takes the cake, hands down! The closure of this gig is the Hulk of a tight punch and we shall let you watch it for yourself. Take a bow Atul Khatri !

Do watch and let us know what you think.

You can watch the entire gig here –


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