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Suno: Short Film Review


Suno: Short Film Review

Cast: Sumeet Vyas and Amrita Puri.

Director: Shubham Yogi.

Language: Hindi.

Genre: Drama.

Channel: Terribly Tiny Tales (YouTube).

Release Date: 21st June 2019.


A married couple is forced to evaluate their relationship when one passionate night leaves the wife with a mark for the world to see and judge.


  • A speculative and hard-hitting piece, Suno deals with the hush-hush issue of domestic abuse/marital rape. Society seems to turn a blind eye towards these things, closing it neatly with the patent “It’s a husband-wife matter; we can’t to do anything about it.Suno rattles on the closed door with a hard rap that forces us to reconsider our negligence and denial towards the issue, as a society and self.
  • The couple chalk up the incident as an accident, but when the wife- played by Amrita Puri- is left with no choice but to ruminate over it, she realizes that it was an act of domestic violence. Various movies has come up in Bollywood recently, which enforce the meaning of ‘consent’ when it comes to sexual intercourse, and Suno touches upon it in the most subtle yet raw manner.
  • As good as the screenplay and the direction is- kudos to Shubham Yogi for a job well done- Sumeet Vyas and Amrita steal the show with their powerful performance. Amrita’s character is the hesitant wife who doesn’t want to make an issue out of an ‘accident’ as her ignorant husband- Sumeet Vyas- seems to keep saying. The build-up towards the blow-up is precise, perfect and neat, the illusion breaking under the harsh pressure of the truth.
  • An interesting paradox presented by the mysterious Mrs. Dawar, the nosy neighbor is intriguing to say the least. She represents not only the wife’s conscious but also a society where people are not negligent but helpful. We are slowly inching towards progress, but are still a long way to reach there.
  • The film has a dark tint to it, cast in shadows, and grains. Maybe it wasn’t intentional, or maybe it was, but this helps in creating the necessary setting for the film, highlighting the story’s essence.


  • Not a thing.

Bottom Line:

Love doesn’t excuse any act of violence. Suno portrays this in a raw, reflective manner. A must watch.


  • Suno is based an original story by Aseem Kaul, titled Liar.
  • Shubham Yogi has two other short films to his credit namely, Uninvited and Glitch.
  • Amrita Puri has been seen two web series by Amazon PrimeFour More Shots Please! and Made In Heaven.

Watch The Short Film Here: 

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