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Talk To Me by Daniel Fernandes: Stand-up Review


Comedian: Daniel Fernandes.
Channel: Daniel Fernandes (YouTube).
Language: English.
Release Date: 13th January 2019.

Catch Phrase:

“You are such a like YoYo, like suddenly you are optimistic, suddenly you are ‘Let’s hope’… Main hagne wala hoon, pata nahi kaise niklega.”


  • Daniel is one of best stand-up artist out there, yet so underrated. He has the perfect sense of humor and he is among the smartest of the lot. This comic piece proves that he is an artist to the core; Talk To Me is an unscripted show, the content born purely out of the conversation held with the audiences.
  • This unique method of stand-up makes it entertaining, engaging and relatable on a whole new level. You would think that it won’t be funny, but it’s hilarious.
  • When somebody uses the same line again and again to make a joke, it gets dull. But not with Daniel. He uses the same line/context, in so many scenes and you can’t help but crack up every time, and they admire him for the sheer brilliance of using it in a way that makes the audience laugh.
  • Good news is this unscripted, in the moment comedy is going to be a series of episodes. So get ready for applause-worthy, witty content.


  • Nothing.

The Final Verdict:

To get a real taste of comedy in-the-moment, Talk To Me is definite must watch.

Watch The Stand-up Here:

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