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Tamas : Short Film Review


Cast: Kishore Mahabole, Swati Pansare, Girish Pardesi
Director: Nilesh Kunjir
Genre: Drama
Language: Hindi/English
Channel: Six Sigma Films
 Release Date: 17 August 2017

Synopsis:  Tamas Short Film is about a woman who is introduced to us as an ideal human. She works with charity, donates money and books to schools, funds for rural business, cooks and cleans her house by herself and is awarded the strongest woman in the country. On top of all this, she is married to a very rich and successful businessman. She is exactly the kind of woman you would never imagine shoplifting. This is exactly what she does. The family is called to the police station after the lady steals a Diamond necklace and CCTV footage’s never lie. The man is surprised, upset and needs answers. Oh, by the way the man does not really have a lot of time for his family. Just a fact.

Another unrelated fact- there is a membrane in your brain that stops you from doing wrong things.


  • The story does have a minute element of suspense.
  • The script and the dialogues are not very bad


  • The story is not very impactful. There are 10 minutes of glorifying the woman, 8 minutes of beating around the bush and about 1 minute of the real story.
  • The woman and the man have no chemistry whatsoever and dramatically underplayed their parts.
  • If you leave the film after the first two minutes, you will live your whole life believing that it was a government advertisement for charity-awareness.
  • The reasoning of the film could have made sense if the solution wasn’t “spend time with your family”.
  • IT IS ABSURDLY LONG. If you aren’t intending to write a review, you might not even finish the film.
  • Is there a membrane in your brain that stops you from doing wrong things? I clearly don’t have those because I just watched a 20 minute long short film about nothing in particular.

Bottom-line: The story of Tamas is really not very good. You never establish a connection with any of the characters and even when the suspense is well-maintained you never even begin to care about it.


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