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The Angrezi Keeda – Kenny Sebastian


Ladies and Gentlemen, its Kenny Sebastian in the house! We all just love him, don’t we? But not for no reason. Kenny is a natural and has always found creative tools to make us laugh. Be it Chai Time with Kenny, Awenest or his video blogs; he is the only comedian who has innovated relentlessly. And that’s what we appreciate!

Also, Kenny is the boss of clean comedy. Unlike many of his peers, he chooses to keep it old school with the least amount of crass. And that’s what you see in this gig. Kenny nails it with his simple dating rules for Indian guys and girls. He takes on the simplest of things like the girlfriend receiving her mother’s call or the difference between how a girl stops an auto rickshaw vis a vis how the guy would do it. You will be in splits with his antics and spot on deliveries. He is such a natural that he amazes you with the simplicity of thoughts. He can take the most trivial of subjects and make you ROFL with his animations and versions of them.

There is a point in this gig where Kenny describes just how it is the most stupid idea to try and make your girlfriend jealous and we dare you to not fall off the chair laughing! His Auto-selection tactic is a riot, to the say the least! And then Kenny teaches you how to say sorry to your girlfriend. His Channing Tatum guide to sorry is the best form of comedy you will ever watch, we promise you. Kenny keeps your faith in family-comedy alive. He is India’s Michael McIntyre for sure, only funnier we’d say!

Watch this gig for the love of Kenny and watch Kenny for the love of clean comedy!

PS: have you heard the guy sing?! Whoa!

You can watch the entire gig here –


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