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The Bomb: Short Film Review


Cast: Akshay Menon, Ashish Rampal, Inaamulhaq, Kunal Sharma, Sachin Shinde, Seema Vats
Director: Shiva Natranjan
Language: Hindi
Genre: Dark Comedy, Drama
Channel: YouTube, SonyLIV
Release Date: 30th April 2018


The Bomb is a short film about the struggles of a poor man who lives in a slum and is unemployed. He is lured by gangsters who promise him money, but in exchange, he has to plant a bomb in the busy city of Mumbai. His attempts to plant a bomb in various part of the city fail, after which he narrows down to a mall. The twist in the story comes when he is in the lift alone, with the bomb still ticking and the lift stops due to some technical issues.


  • The simplicity of the story is the best part of the entire film.
  • The struggle of life in Mumbai is portrayed in a perfect manner.
  • The attempts of the bomber to plant the bomb for money to support his family is endearing to watch.


  • The short film is absolutely perfect and there is no reason one should miss out on it.

Bottom Line

The Bomb is very relatable to the audience as it the story of many people in real life.


  • Abhishek Bachchan has given a voice-over in the short film.

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