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The Job: Short Film Review


Cast: Kalki Koechlin
Director: Siddharth Sinha
Language: English
Genre: Psychological Thriller
Channel: Flying Dreams Entertainment Pvt Ltd
Release Date: 15th June 2018


Psychological thrillers or just thriller films are one of those rare genres of films that do not fail the audience. The Job film is another psychological thriller where KalkiKoechlin is playing the role of a young female expat who is working in a company. She cannot afford to leave her job, but at the same time, her ailing mother at home rues the fact that there no such thing as ‘social security’ in ‘our country’.


  • Kalki Koechlin has kept her role as natural and simple as possible.
  • KalkiKoechlin is a wonderful actress and watching her play any role is a treat in itself.


  • The time period of the film, even 14 minutes seem too much to the viewers.
  • The screenplay and direction leave the audience directionless and confused about many things throughout the film.
  • The direction and screenplay bring up the biggest question in the minds of the viewers, ‘why was the film made? What was the motto or message behind the film?’

Bottom Line:

The Job is a film that leaves the viewers confused in many ways, and even though a thriller film tends to do that, this film leaves the audience asking all the wrong questions.


Kalki Koechlin is the well-known Bollywood actress who is known for doing both mainstream as well as offbeat films like Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani, Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara, Margarita with a straw and Shaitaan.

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