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The Lovers: Short Film Review

The Lovers: Short Film By Large Short Films Review Poster
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Cast: Anurag Malhan, Shweta Basu Prasad, Zareena Wahab, Kuldeep Sareen, Sarang Patwardhan.
Director: Preeti Singh.
Language: Hindi.
Genre: Drama.
Release Date: 15th January 2020.
Platform: Large Short Films (YouTube).

“Large Short Films’ latest short film, The Lovers portrays the fight between love and revenge. What will win? Is everything truly fair in love and war? Let’s find out!”


Anirudh finds himself under 498A charges with a complaint filed by his wife Nitya and is traumatized with the wrong allegation as “The Lovers” planning, by Nitya and her boyfriend Vipin. But while an enquiry with police, Vipin denies his relation with Nitya and she was left with no choice then to go back to her mother. To her surprise Anirudh comes back for her and they decide to start things over. They were close but still distant as they could still feel presence of Vipin between them and somehow Anirudh provokes Nitya to make sure that Vipin pays for his betrayal and it became a happily after for them. Nitya ends up being shot by Vipin out of revenge and anger after which shoots himself as well, and Anirudh starts looking for rishtas in his search of happy marriage. The Lovers The Lovers


Large Short Films’ The Lovers shows us the vicious circle of never ending revenge.

The short film starts only with a dark setup and a gloomy narration by Anirudh talking about his wife Nitya’s betrayal with her “LOVERVipin which conveniently makes us understand the scenario.

Best part about the short film is that it has very less dialogues but still very effectively delivers the messages strongly.

Humans have a tendency of loving and hating with all their heart and even a little bit of force could ruin relationship from building up which is highlighted here.

The Lovers emphasizes a series of emotions with love, hate, betrayal, anger, revenge, sympathy, and fear in one frame in such short duration which is commendable.

It is a story which revolves around a young couple but throws light on a lot of different issues about forcible marriage, lack of communication between parents and kids, and love turning into revenge.

Each and every character has successfully delivered their part. It was visible how the whole cast was completely soaked in the emotions of the story. Each one of them is connected through their emotions where they are hurt, aggressive, vulnerable and revengeful.

The interesting thing about the plot is how every character experiences the feeling of love and revenge at the same time and how cleverly Anirudh took his revenge where it seems as if Vipin was the culprit but it was all Anirudh’s master plan to satisfy himself for the betrayal by Nitya.

The director has very beautifully captured the simple story of lovers complicated by inconsiderate decisions of their parents which affected lives of many. With very less dialogues also she has maintained the essence the film and the message of the short film comes out strongly.


Execution could have been better as the short film is focusing on different issues, different perspectives and also different emotions which make it a little bit difficult for the audience to absorb it all.

Bottom Line:

Making your daughter marry someone of your choice is OKAY but making your daughter marry someone of your choice without her consent is NOT OKAY!! Anirudh, Nitya and Vipin– all of them experienced the same emotions, love and betrayal which ultimately results in revenge all because of one forced decision. Tears in her eyes, fear in her mind and love in her heart for a guy cannot be changed by putting her hand in some other guy’s hand.


Preeti Singh is a writer, director and a producer. Her first short film, titled Dom, was in Cannes 2016.

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