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The Perfect Match: Short Film Review


The Perfect Match: Short Film Review

Cast: Ashwani Kumar, Kalyani Pandit.

Director: Neha Pawar.

Language: Hindi

Genre: Drama.

Channel: Pocket Films (YouTube).

Release Date: 3rd August 2019.


Riya and Harsh represent all the Indian couples who are about to get married and tie their knots with Indian tradition where the compatibility of the couple is decided by zodiac signs and placement of their planets. Is it faith or fake?


  • Ashwani and Kalyani both have made sure to stay on the same page with their realistic approach. More than the dialogue delivery, their body language and expressions were talking which smoothly makes the viewer also a part of their story.
  • Two people, who are completely in love and want to get married, lack the validation of their stars as per the belief system of their Indian families.
  • Being part of the Indian culture, this situation becomes mandatory for every to-be-married-couple who turn out to blame each other for not fitting in the molds crafted by the belief of their parents. As per Indian parents, marriage is not just between two people who are in love but between two families who are satisfied with each other’s faith.
  • Through dialogues, very smoothly the loop of Indian culture is shown where our parents religiously follow the beliefs, force them on their kids and suddenly it becomes a part of our lives.
  • The casual attitude of Riya and Harsh towards blaming each other for their parents’ beliefs and pointing out their flaws gives it a realistic perspective and also shows the dominance of such traditions.
  • The screenplay and direction is on point.


  • Don’t think so.

Bottom Line:

We all are imperfectly a perfect match and it’s not the ‘Fault in our stars’ but fault in our minds.


  • The Perfect Match was nationally and internationally acclaimed with screening at festivals such as IFFSA Torronto, Dada Saheb Phalke Film Festival in 2018.

Watch the Short Film Here: 

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