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The Wind On Haunted Hill, Parchhayee, Chapter 2: Web Series Review


Cast: Dalip Tahil, Manav Vij, Sara Arjun, Mazel Vyas, Armaan Ansari, Harmeet Kaur, Lily Victoria Olpin, Brian Nathan.
Director: V. K. Prakash.
Language: Hindi, English.
Genre: Thriller, Horror.
Channel: Zee5.
Release Date: 21st January 2019.


Usha, with her brother, Dadu and mother, lives in a hilly village where the windstorms take place almost every night. One day, she gets delayed coming home from the market and when the storm takes place, takes shelter in an abandoned house. What she sees in there, uncovers an old story of loss and grief- digging up ghosts.


  • Three stories are simultaneously running along- one with the foreign couple, one with Usha, and one with the militants and the homeless runaway. All three plots are woven together in a way that creates an anticipatory vibe, making you eager for what comes next and how it is all linked up. And it is linked up brilliantly.
  • The three child actors (Sara, Mazel, and Armaan) steal the show with their amazing character portrayal- kids who are friends and stick together no matter what. Dalip Tahil is, as expected, outstanding. All in all, the whole cast contribute their fair share in making the story interesting and engaging.
  • The cinematography, background music and original song adds to the whole appeal of the plot, establishing a firm setting.


  • Not a thing.

Bottom Line:

The Wind On Haunted Hill is a perfect package of mystery, horror and a good story, wrapped up nicely with amazing characters.


  • Dalip Tahil, the veteran Bollywood actor, was seen in Netflix’s Selection Day and will also be part of Amazon Primes’ series The Family Man.
  • Mainly active in Malayalam film industry, V. K. Prakash has done a few a Hindi and Marathi films, but Parchhayee marks his directorial debut in digital.

Watch The Trailer Here:

Parchhayee Episode 2 Trailer | The Wind on Haunted Hill | A ZEE5 Original | Streaming Now On ZEE5

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