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Tilt: Short Film Review


Cast: Rishi Hapawat, Saurabh Goyal, David Browne.
Director: Rohit Bhardwaj.
Language: English.
Genre: Drama.
Channel: Humara Movie (YouTube).
Release Date: 12th February 2019.


Two guys out on a date. Overcoming each other’s insecurities and fear, straightening their tilted perceptions, with a little help.


  • Watch love unfold in the most subtle and beautiful way with Tilt. In the light of LGBTQ community getting wide representation and acknowledgement in our country, Tilt is a brilliant example of the normalcy the community should be perceived with.
  • Tilt is a refreshing take, that relieves the viewers from the usually intense and somewhat melancholic tone of films, and delivers the message in the most ordinary way, which actually turns the film into an extraordinary piece.
  • The lack of overly dramatic sequences or dialogues, supported by the equally blasé scenes and soothing melody in the background, creates an impact that is so underlined yet defined. Also, the original song at the end, vocalized by Wrish Dutta, is a beautiful rendition that sums up the film aptly.
  • When you get to the part where the title of the film is explained, you can’t help but smile at the way the seriousness of the situation is portrayed with a slight touch of dark humor.


  • The character performances, at times, can seem a little inorganic and off, failing to create the necessary engagement.
  • The blasé-ness of the film, its redeeming quality, can also make it lethargic at a certain point.

Bottom Line:

Love is love- it doesn’t discriminate- and Tilt proves it with a fresh viewpoint and subtly powerful impact.


  • Saurabh Goyal has been a prominent part of the short films’ scene, with a number of short films to his credit and can also be seen in web series such as ALTBalaji’s The Test Case and Zee5’s Rangbaaz. He will also feature in Applause Entertainment’s original series Mayanagari #CityOfDreams and Zee5’s The Final Call.

Watch The Short Film Here:

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