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Udne Do: Short Film Review


udne do

Cast: Revathy, Anaya Shivan, Ayan Jain, Diiva Dhanoya, Vineet Bagera, Aditi Dadhich, Akansha Kadre, Rakesh Kukreti, and Mridul Sharma.
Director: Aarti Bagdi.
Language: Hindi.
Genre: Drama.
Channel: Humara Movie.
Release Date: 16th November, 2018.


Yug Sharma, an autistic homeschooled child, starts going to school where he meets Aparna Asrani aka Appy, a fellow classmate who becomes his best friend instantly. Appy has a hobby of collecting bird feathers from her school campus, which she shares with Yug. Then in the cafeteria later, a drilling noise incapacitates Yug, prompting him to be in the sick bay. In order to cheer him up, Appy through Lankesh, the peon, hands him her lucky feather. Lankesh catches on Appy’s hobby, and being a predator, uses it as a leverage to lure her. The series of events that unfold past this incident make us introspect about the ever-present yet neglected topic of child molestation.


  • Aarti Bagdi, in her signature style, keeps the story simple yet impactful- conveying a strong relatable factor.
  • The almost 40-minute short doesn’t feel too long once you start watching it, due to the gripping and empowering storyline.
  • The background music fluently merges with the storyline, flowing along with the scenes and creating a curious, thrilling vibe. The original score at the end, another Bagdi style, is a pleasant experience.
  • The message about child molestation for both adults and children is put forward in a blunt yet pacifying manner; making it a must watch for both the age groups.
  • Make sure you watch the short film through the credits; Gravittus Foundation’s founder Usha Kakade and the first lady of Maharashtra, Amruta Fadanvis talk about sexual abuse, the need for awareness, and their initiative ‘Good Touch and Bad Touch’, which is included in the short film as well.


  • Apart from the fact that it may seem too long to some by short film standards, the film is perfect. But all 39:26 minutes of it are definitely worth a watch.

Bottom Line:

Udne Do is a much-needed wake-up call when it comes to sexual abuse and our negligence toward it.


  • Asha Nair, more commonly known by her stage name Revathy, has been seen in Hindi movies such as Dhoop, Ab Tak Chappan, 2 States, and Margarita with a Straw among others. She is predominantly seen in South Indian movies and has also won National Film Award for her Tamil film Thevar Magan.
  • Aarti Bagdi has won Filmfare for her enchanting short film Khamaka, starring Harshvardhan Rane and Manjari Fadnnis.
  • Gravittus Foundation, based in Pune, aims toward women empowerment and child education for a positive social change. Started in 2011, the foundation was formerly known as USKF.


Watch The Short Film Here:

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