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Ved And Arya: Short Film Review

Ved and Arya: Short Film Review poster
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Terribly Tiny Tales (YouTube)

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Cast: Sanaya Irani , Nakuul Mehta.
Director: Ritesh Menon.
Language: Hindi.
Genre: Drama.
Release Date: 18th March 2020.
Platform: Terribly Tiny Tales (YouTube).

“Expect the unexpected. If this excites you, watch Terribly Tiny Tales’ latest short film, Ved and Arya.”


Ved, who has just made his little princess fall asleep, is surprised with an unexpected doorbell at night which turns out to be his sister, Arya, who always comes to her brother with relationship crises. Ved  and Arya are like every other brother-sister, indulged in a funny quarrel about Arya’s past failed relationships when suddenly she expresses how deep her feelings are for this one- Adi. When Adi comes to meet, viewers are in for a surprise.


I have always been inclined towards simple titles like this “Ved and Arya” which only highlights the characters involved and leaves the guessing part to the viewers, keeping the excitement alive.

The director’s positive thought process and unique perception about things can be easily seen in the short film with his understanding of different relationships and also about today’s scenario. He has normalized the relationship between two women in such a beautiful manner. Also the role of a father is not just earning; he can successfully take care of a child and household. And it is done so subtly, considering how both these things are still alien to most of the society. The story subtly focuses on different relationships at a time without one overpowering the other. Both the characters are shown as protagonist without one over shadowing the other.

The casual way in which Arya discusses about Adi with her brother Ved shows how society should also treat same gender relationship as a normal relationship.

Ved and Arya’s connection, comfort and love shows the strong bond between a brother and a sister.

The short film beautifully celebrates love with every character, every relationship and story.

Arya is an extremely relatable character for every girl out there who is happy, bubbly and going through the general issue of confusion about a relationship because of her past experiences. She also goes to her brother to help her clean the mess every time. Sanaya Irani does justice to her character by making her come alive on screen.

Ved is the character of modern times, a dedicated father, loving husband and an understanding brother who is passionate about his family. His character acts as the role model for all the men out there. Nakuul portrays this charming father and brother to perfection.

Though there is a lot to concentrate in the short film, there never comes point of confusion or too much information.


Not a thing.

Bottom Line: 

Ved and Arya concentrates on the NORMAL relationships between two women and NORMAL role of men babysitting which according to society are NOT SO NORMAL.


Ved and Arya marks Nakuul Mehta’s first short film; he made his digital debut with ZEE5’s Never Kiss Your Best Friend.

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  1. Nirali Maitrak 20th March 2020

    Nakuul mehta and jankee mehta you both are my inspiration my lucky charm my love my heart beat you always part of my heart my family my life and nakuul bhai you are my world bestest brother and jankee is my world bestest sister in law and whatever you both do I always be with you and I always supporting you and I always be there for you and jese me apne mom and dad se UNCONDITIONAL love karti hu vese hi me apdono se UNCONDITIONAL love karti hu and heart ke four parts hote hai 1st part my mom 2nd part my father 3rd part nakuul bhai you and 4th part jankee bhabs you tab mere pura heart banta hai and till the end I love you so much bhai and bhabhi and aap dono do bhi karte ho vo Saab amazing interesting marvelous hota hi he I love you bhai and bhabhi


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