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Vipul Goyal – the Political Saint


Vipul Goyal stand up comedy

It has been recently pointed out that the Indian stand-up comic crowd is pre-dominantly made of Engineers and MBAs who got bored of their corporate careers. Which, to some extent is true, but truly speaking if that means more of Vipul Goyals coming in, we don’t mind! Now here’s a guy who reminds you of the good-old Raju Srivastava days, when stand up comedy was more about fun and less about business and punches.

Vipul starts off with women objectification on flights and hilariously shows one a mirror. His genre of comedy is very to your face, with no mincing of words! He swiftly moves on to that guy who sleeps through the flight even when the turbulence is making one feel it’s the end of one’s life. You are in splits as he describes that one unclaimed bag on the belt as Manglik! Goyal is very relatable with his street-Hindi and audience connect. His delivery being impeccable, one realizes that one isn’t waiting for a punch at all; it is more about enjoying his monologue.

Goyal concludes this act with Goa. His sarcasm on his friend realizing that he belongs to Goa is a split fest! He is also a guy who doesn’t shy away from talking on current affairs, wherein most of his peers choose to stay away from it lest it becomes a political issue. We would certainly want to see more of Vipul, would you? Watch and tell us what you think !

You can watch the entire gig here –


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