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Vir Das- For India: Stand-up Review

Vir Das- For India: Stand-up Review Poster
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Comedian: Vir Das.
Language: English.
Release Date: 26th January 2020.
Platform: Netflix

“What makes your chest swell with pride, when someone asks you about your country? Vir Das is here to give you a list, in his Netflix comedy special, Vir Das- For India. And it is as incredible as the India he presents. Why? Find out!”

Catch Phrase:

“If we find a foreigner who drinks Old Monk, we’ll just give them a fucking passport.”


Let’s start us by saying, we love Vir Das. Unconditionally. Like that quote goes in The Fault In Our Stars– I fell in love the way you fall asleep: slowly, and then all at once. In this Netflix comedy special, Vir Das- For India, Vir makes you fall in love with the artist he is- one joke at a time. He makes you laugh, he makes you cry (and not of laughter) and above all he makes you fall in love with the India you and I have grown up in- the version you fail to see in the grandeur and garishness of our beloved country.

From Parle G to Chyawanprash, from WWII to 26/11, from Vedas to Tinkle, Vir Das sets up the stage, in his blasé and charming manner, to present an India to the audience (both Indians and Non-Indians) that resides in each and every one of us around the corners. Sitting on that verandah drinking tea, he basically becomes a history professor/tour guide, albeit a funny one. And not so creepy either. And informed. Yeah.

A smart observational comedy piece, Vir tells the a story of India with all its nuances- some of them known, some of them not so much- in a rib-tickling, entertaining manner. There’s not a single second where he loses the thread; you’re with him throughout the hour-long-and-some piece, laughing till your eyes water and stomach ache, laughing until the people around you think you are crazy. And it’s not a slapstick comedy, or a mockery. It’s an enlightening satire at its finest.

Subtlety becomes Vir Das in the most sublime fashion. From airport securities, colonialism, journalism, local politics to all the issues that plague India and threaten its integrity, Vir Das targets every single one of these issues spot on. He is neither derogatory in portraying the flip side of India’s coin, nor boastful of the bright side of it. He maintains a perfect balance throughout, be it in his script or its execution to the differing demographics.

Also, you have got to applaud Netflix for the set design. From that little blue door, kullad, play of lightening, supporting visuals, to the camera angles, the production design is Grade A, which further amplifies the standard of Vir’s set.


After all of the above, do you really think there’s anything ‘Meh’ about it? Because there isn’t. Vir Das- For India Vir Das- For India

The Final Verdict:

Vir Das is great. And if you don’t watch this set, believe me, you’re missing out on an outstanding piece of comedy, and the real glimpse of India.

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