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Wake N Bake By Rohan Joshi: Stand-up Review

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Comedian: Rohan Joshi.
Language: Hindi.
Release Date: 10th January 2020.
Platform: Amazon Prime Video.
Talk about marriage and children; being called an Uncle. These are among the many trails and tribunals of being in your 30s. Rohan Joshi brings that to you, in his Amazon Prime Stand-up Special Wake N Bake. Find out what makes it special.
When you search “Rohan Joshi” on YouTube, you get stand-up pieces that you can count on your one hand. A new connoisseur of the world of stand-up, I have only seen Rohan perform in twice- in Amazon Prime’s One Mic Stand, and now in this special, Wake N Bake. And let me tell you, next time Rohan’s doing a live gig, I’m there.

An observational comedy special that revolves around Rohan realizing the worth and value of his existence in his 30s, Wake N Bake is the one-and-half-hour you are glad you invested in laughing. And a bit of getting preached. Because after all Rohan, as he himself admitted, has turned into an ‘Uncle’ and it’s his duty to his demography to be the wise guy of the group. But here’s the best thing about his preaching, it’s not the run-of-the-mill truth bombs you expect from a comedian or any influencer, pretending to just “do their bit”. In fact, I shouldn’t even call it preaching. Rohan simply…voices out his opinions in a way that hit you hard in this ‘woke’ He is blasé in his savagery, making you introspect one second and laugh out loud the next.

And he weaves this mixture of puns and prudence in the most seamless way. Either of it doesn’t detract the value of the other, keeping you invested in the entire special. Every single of his punch line has two sides to it- the fun bit and then the real bit- be it the joke the Indian Education System was and the way it is now or legalizing ganja.

It baffles me, when someone of influence talks about controversial topics fearlessly, especially in the world we live in. Kudos to Rohan Joshi for taking names and kicking ass, because comedy is the satirical reflection of our society, and he proves by being diplomatic yet blunt.

“ Roadtrips are damn fucking overrated. In India especially. Kyuki pehle to roadtrip ke liye road hona chahiye.”


Unless you are a youngster who has opinions on everything, there’s nothing in this stand-up that counts as “offensive”.

Bottom Line:

Welcome to Wake N Bake, where Rohan Joshi introduces you to ‘Woke Comedy’. A MUST watch.

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