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Waxing by Anubhav Singh Bassi: Stand-up Review

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Comedian: Anubhav Singh Bassi.
Language: Hindi.
Release Date: 12th June 2019.
Platform: Anubhav Singh Bassi (YouTube).

“Main bohot strong. Maine ek baar Swift Dzire ki dikki zor se band kari Swift ban gayi thi who”


A guy talking about waxing. Talk about breaking stereotypes, huh? Anubhav, in his latest comic piece, talks about his first experience with waxing, and it’s so relatable you want to go and give him a hug for putting it out so aptly, turning the horrible task into a funny anecdote.

Anubhav, in his charming way, encounters how his very ‘strong’ perception was shredded down with just one waxing session with the Aunty. The build-up to the crux of the comic piece is done in such a succinctly hilarious manner that you enjoy the ride to the final destination, laughter as your companion, every step of the way.

You don’t know pain until you experience waxing. Anubhav puts out the widespread feeling of pain out there with his stand-up, and you can’t help but relate to everything he says in the most vehement way. Coupled with his mannerisms to go with the shrewd, to-the-point piece, you are in for almost 9 minutes of cleansing laughter.

Anubhav’s excellence at what he does shines through his performance, as he makes you laugh with the jokes between the lines.


Not a thing.

The Final Verdict:

Watch this to turn your next session of waxing into a comic one. Let the Aunty wonder why you’re laughing alone.

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