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The Other Way : Short Film Review


Cast: Pavail Gulati, Shreya Choudhary
Director: Imtiaz Ali
Genre: Drama
Language: Hindi/English
Channel: Large Short Films
Release Date: 08 December 2017

Synopsis: The Other Way short film starts on a note about “time”. The story, to be blunt is about a bride’s last-moment casual/sexual affair with a man she met two days ago. The story starts on a confusing note, showing the irrational awkwardness between the bride and a man who claims to be a photographer. They then take you back and forth time to narrate the equation between the two.


  • The narration is beautiful. The voice that leads you through the story is on point.
  • The development of the story at every step is unexpected and does keep you on the edge.
  • The scenes are beautiful. (hmm)


  • The story leads you nowhere and leaves you somewhere.
  • If this is about the pre-wedding cold-feet, then it’s dramatically underplayed.
  • The story almost gets you to believe that maybe they will let you into the dimensions of characters, but whatsoever leaves you on a confusing note over and over again.
  • The light heated adultery (almost) is a little glorified here. The mere lack of justifications in the story and the way it ends is just incomplete.
  • Poor groom. He’s cute.

Bottom-line: Given that it’s written and directed by Imtiaz Ali, there’s scope for a deeper meaning you don’t see. But you really don’t see that point. So…But watch The Other Way. It’s nice and light-hearted or so we hope.


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