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Cheesecake: Web Series Review

MX Player's Cheesecake review Poster
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MX Player.

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Cast: Akanksha Thakur, Jitendra Kumar, Aaryan, Kumar Varun, Devika Vatsa, Mahesh Manjrekar, Ashwini Kalsekar, Chandan Roy.
Director: Palash Vaswani.
Language: Hindi.
Genre: Drama.
Release Date: 29th November 2019.
Platform: MX Player.

“With a charming and talented Golden Retriever in the mix, MX Player’s Cheesecake is dog drama that you definitely shouldn’t miss. Here’s why.”


and succeed to hold their own- just kidding. They embody the complexity of marriage and then the reignited spark of love and companionship with the expertise of veterans.

The fact that Cheesecake is a TVF creation becomes noticeable with the transcending original song and background music. No OTT platform does original music as beautifully and quintessentially as TVF in the Indian Webspace.

Also! Akanksha’s monologue in the first episode will resonate with you if you are a slave of the corporate wheel as her character Sameera. The intensity with which she makes the delivery will leave you nodding your head along as vehemently as her dialogue. Almost makes you want to get up and applaud.

Stay even after the credits start rolling. The tears you cry at the end will be rewarded with a happy surprise.


Not a single barking thing.

Bottom Line:

Cheesecake will make you want to go out and adopt a dog, immediately. No matter what-animal person you are. It’s THAT good.


Jitendra and Akanksha have previously been seen together as a couple in TVF’s Pitchers. They have also worked together in TVF’s Permanent Roommates and Bachelors.

Palash Vaswani has previously directed web series such as TSP’s Zeroes and Awkward Conversations With Parents.

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Despite the frustrations its upgrade system often caused me, I had a good time navigating Nex Machina’s array of twin-stick shooter challenges.

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