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Damaged 2: Web Series Review

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Cast: Hina Khan, Adhyayan Suman, Rahul Singh, Sachin Parikh, Shreyesh Lowlekar, Aakanksha Kadre, Sapan Gulati, Anjana Nathan, Amit Kumar Poddar.
Director: Ekant Babani
Language: Hindi.
Genre: Thriller.
Release Date: 14th January 2020.
Platform: Hungama, MX Player.

“Hungama Play’s Damaged 2 thrust, Hina Khan, into the world of Web Entertainment. But is it worth a watch, just because of her? Or not? Find out in our review.”

Gauri & Akash Batra owns a homestay in the remote village of Gavran. Things soon go south when a couple, Manav and Purva, arrive with their young daughter, Kittu. The second day into their stay and Kittu goes missing. On one hand, as the investigation takes place, Gauri’s sanity and addiction keep going downhill, as she keeps seeing the local folklore ghost, Dandpret, everywhere. As the investigation progresses, the connection between the homestay and the missing child unveils a heinously crafted crime.


Marking her digital debut, Hina Khan shines through as the crazy and addictive Gauri Batra. Plagued by a local ghost who is known to punish those who had gotten away with their wrongdoings, she plays the scared, manipulative vixen Gauri is, to perfection.

Complementing her equally is Adhyayan Suman, who plays Akash Batra. Gauri’s support system, his character arc, from the pushover guy to the confident, independent man, is justified excellently by Adhyayan.


Despite the on par performances by the lead actors, Damaged 2 fails to deliver on the horror-crime-thriller it apparently envisioned, due to the poor screenplay and its equally disorderly execution. Peppered with continuity jerks in both the story and its translation on screen, Damaged 2 makes you grapple with what’s happening- twists are introduced as non-pleasant surprises, unnecessary preaching on social issues seem out of place and forced, and attempts at humor just fall flat.

Apart from Hina and Adhyayan, every other actor seems to be either overcompensating for their characters or not bothering at all.

Bottom Line:

Damaged 2 fails to maintain the balance between its multiple genres, giving you no incentive to binge-watch the show.


Shreyes Anil Lowlekar, the writer of Damaged 2, is also the actor playing Sattu in the series.

Damaged 2 marks Ekant Babani’s directorial debut on digital; his previous stint on the Web was as a producer for ZEE5’s sci-fi web series Skyfire.

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