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Fittrat: Web Series Review


ALTBalaji & ZEE5’s latest show, Fittrat, is the story of Tarini Bisht- a highly ambitious person. And her ambition is to marry the richest guy out there. Here’s why we think her story is the one worth watching.

Cast: Krystle D’Souza, Aditya Seal, Anushka Ranjan, Aru Verma, Priyanka Bhatia, Aditya Lal, Mohit Chauhan, Kaizaad Kotwal, Divya Seth, Pinky Kapoor, Babla Kochar, Govind Pandey.

Director: Santosh Singh.

Language: Hindi.

Genre: Drama, Romance.

Channel: ALTBalaji, ZEE5.

Release Date:18th October 2019.


Tarini Bisht. A self-proclaimed gold digger, whose only ambition in life is to marry a rich guy for his bank balance. She has got the brain and beauty to achieve it, and with her uber-rich best friend Amy, she is as close to her goal as she can get. But then Veer Shergill enters the picture and all goes to hell. In this quest of love and loss, Tarini’s life takes a turn for better and worse, showing her where the true gold lies.


  • Fittrat is a story of ambition, friendship, love, and revenge. In her quest for wealth, Tarini comes to Delhi after graduation, to be with her childhood best friend Amy. Amy belongs to a blue blood family of Sareens, who are amongst the elite class of Delhi. Her life changes drastically when she meets Veer, Amy’s fiancé, who takes a sudden, irresistible liking towards Tarini. She might be ready for the allure of wealth, but she gets a taste of what it means to have money, as she gets sucked into games the rich play for their personal gains.
  • ALTBalaji and ZEE5’s latest offering, Fittrat, is a bold and beautiful take on the materialistic world of Tarini Bisht– whose identity is that of a gold digger. She is straightforward about her goal- everyone who knows her know that marrying a rich guy is her ultimate goal- what she is not, though, is mean and snobby as one would expect with her nature. Tarini is smart, kind and fierce, and she knows the way this world works and how to use that to her advantage without being ruthless.
  • Krystle D’Souza aces in carrying out Tarini, fleshing out the character with natural grace. Throughout the 15 episodes, Krystle gives life to Tarini, making a character of such complex nature seem endearing and idol-worthy. Anushka Ranjan, who plays Amrita Sareen aka Amy, is the perfect counterpart to Tarini, the yin to Tarini’s Prim and proper with an edge, Amy is performed by Anushka in a quintessential manner. Krystle and Anushka make the best friends’ bickering and companionship natural, easy and believably relatable.
  • Fair warning- you’ll fall in love with Aditya Seal after watching Fittrat. His characterVeeris a suave and brooding guy who falls in love withTarini the moment he sees her. Stuck in a conundrum between not wanting to hurt Amy and wanting Tarini with an unparalleled passion, Veer flails about like a dying man searching for a lifeline. Aditya Seal is the epitome of perfection in the depiction ofVeer’sobsession, helplessness and love. His relationship with Tarini is beautifully summed up in a line- “Yeh Ishq Nahi, Zid hai.”
  • Along with the engaging storyline that hooks you in, Fittrat is made visually stunning and aesthetic with its impeccable cinematic sequences. From Mussoorie’ssprawling vistas to Delhi’s old-world charm and classic richness, every scene captures the essence of the moment, contributing to making it sublime.
  • One thing that stands out in Fittrat is its original music. Composed by Sandman, all the OSTs make for an album that you want to play on loop. The soul-stirring titles pluck at your heartstrings, accompanied by the visuals that give life to the lyrics.
  • The glittery world of the rich has an ugly underbelly that is often missed in the shine of its appearance. Fittrat shows it in the form of peer pressure faced by Veer, Mallika (Priyanka Bhatia) and Bunty (Aru Verma), in the most brutal way.


  • Fittrat’s story is told in a flashback manner, from Tarini’s point of view. The journey is through all the important moments of her life, and there’s one sequence that comes off as phony -the school sequence where Tarini meets Amy. In the introductory episode, such minor mistakes can affect the tone of the series going forth.
  • Also, as amazing as the background score and original music of Fittrat is, after a certain point, it becomes too much. After all, how much music is too much, especially in a series as happening as Fittrat?
  • The ending scene can be a bit disappointing, very much reminiscent of Coldd Lassi Aur Chicken Masala.

Bottom Line:

Fittrat is the gold it promised to be, from inside out. Worth a watch.


  • Fittrat marks all the leading actors’ – Krystle D’Souza, Aditya Seal, and Anushka Ranjan- debut in the Web Entertainment.
  • Santosh Singh has previously directed ALTBalaji’s web series Broken But Beautiful.

Watch The Trailer Here:

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