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FLAMES, Season 2: Web Series Review


The Timeliners brings their favorite couple, Rajat and Ishita, back in the season 2 of FLAMES, with more drama and more love. Here’s why you should definitely watch it.

Cast: Ritvik Sahore, Tanya Maniktala, Sunakshi Grover, Shivam Kakkar, Deepesh Sumitra Jagdish, Anushka Sharma, Raj Sharma, Neelu Dogra, Purnendu Bhattacharya.

Director: Apoorva Singh Karki.

Language: Hindi.

Genre: Romance, Drama.

Channel: TVFPlay, MX Player.

Release Date:18th October 2019.


Rajat and Ishitaare back with their sweeter than sugar relationship, standing steady while also moving one step up. But as it happens, every step forward brings a new obstacle- in this case, class and family-determined to test their love. Will their relationship sail through the storm or crash?


  • In his entertaining and engaging voice, Mr. Kaushal brings back the mushy love story of Rajat and Ishita back on track, each episode a trip down memory lane of that first love, first kiss, and first fight. While the first episode dealt with Rajat’s crush on Ishita turning into a sweet relationship, this season deals with all the other areas of their lives and how they try to maintain their relationship through it all.
  • Ritvik Sahore and Tanya Maniktala, who play Rajat and Ishita respectively, hook you right in with their above par performances. Every relationship has its personal, unique quirks- like the “Okay? Okay.” from The Fault In Our Stars– and Kunal Aneja (writer) sketches out such personalized traits that define Rajat and Ishita’s relationship. Their little game of stations, a special way of saying ‘I love you’, and all the other usual relationship stuff pulls at the strings of your heart in a bittersweet manner.
  • Sunakshi Grover’s Anusha and Shivam Kakkar’s Pandu embodies the essence of friendship. With their own relationship and drama, the trio of Rajat, Anusha, and Pandu somewhere get backstage. Despite the differences though, when the time comes, they stand together strong and real.
  • Three things remain constant in season 1 and 2- Mr. Kaushal’s chemistry references to Rajat & Ishita, Anusha & Pandu’s volatile relationship, and the evergreen love songs as episode titles. Oh, and also, Mr. Momos. What’s more is that these constants gain a new depth, depicting their own stories to add to the main plot. The song titles work as precursors to each episode, complementing the theme perfectly.
  • FLAMES 2 is a show about teenagers who fall in love. Teenagers whose sole focus, according to their parents should be studies and the ensuing career. The series sheds light on parental behavior from the perspective of both the parent and the kid.
  • One thing worth mentioning is the way it deals with depression. Ishita’s sensitive personality is put through a wringer in the series, taking a toll on her mental health. Her father takes her to see a psychiatrist, and it is done in such a casual and easy way, making it feel like a norm. Nobody raises an eyebrow when you see a doctor for your physical aches; seeing one for your psychological aches shouldn’t be any different. FLAMES portrays that in a subtle yet powerful way.
  • All in all, it leaves you with a happy heart and in anticipation of Mr. Kaushal’s promise of a new chapter.


  • As delightful as Mr. Kaushal’s chemistry references are, sometimes the jargon can fly way over your head breaking your link, momentarily, from the story.

Bottom Line:

FLAMES 2 is the perfect blend of romance and reality, without becoming sardonic, maintaining the sweetness of Rajat & Ishita’s story.


  • Apoorva Singh Karki (director) and Kunal Aneja make cameo appearances in the series as Anand Sir and Mr. Momos, respectively.

Watch The Trailer Here:

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