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Harmony with A. R. Rahman: Web Series Review


Harmony with A. R. Rahman

Cast:  Anchor and Interviewer – A. R. Rahman; Musicians – Kalamandalam Sajith Vijayan, Ustad Mohi Baha’uddin Dagar, Lourembam Bedabati, Mickma Tshering Lepcha.
Director: Sruti Harihara Subramanian.
Language: English; Regional Languages like Malayalam, Manipuri, etc.
Genre: Documentary, Music.
Channel: Amazon Prime Video.
Release Date: 15th August 2018.

Synopsis: ‘Harmony with A. R. Rahman’ showcases different musicians and forms of music through the eyes of A. R. Rahman as he goes on a journey to four different areas of the country meeting with musicians and learning about the rich traditions surrounding the music in their culture.


  • The series ventures into the various corners of the country to discover music and musicians that you have probably never heard of. We are introduced to instruments like Mizhavu, Rudra Veena, and Pangthong Palith, as well as the Manipuri folk tradition of Khunung Eshei.
  • R. Rahman is just absolutely amazing as an anchor and an interviewer, presenting himself as a humble and curious student who is passionate about learning more.
  • Despite a personality like Rahman on the show, the series gives equal emphasis to all the musicians.
  • Along with A. R. Rahman, even we learn a lot. The series introduces us not just to the various forms of music, and the history behind them, but also talks about the four musicians and the hard work they are putting in to keep their traditions alive.
  • The end of every episode is something that you’ll always look forward to as Rahman and the musician in the episode give us a masterpiece which is a complex blend of classical and western music.
  • The scenic beauty and the breath-taking landscapes are a treat for the eyes and work in tandem with the music which is an absolute treat to the ears.
  • The last 20 minutes of the last (fifth) episode is the culmination of the series wherein the four musicians and A. R. Rahman comes together to deliver a mesmerizing symphony.


  • The initial episode had rough editing, with sudden cuts and transitions which disrupted the flow of the series at a few moments. However, the editing greatly improved over the further episodes. This was just a minor issue in an overall masterpiece of a series.

Bottom Line:

‘Harmony with A. R. Rahman’ stays true to its name, achieving harmony between Indian classical music and western music, blessed by the skills of the maestro, A. R. Rahman, and the talented four musicians.


  • R. Rahman has won numerous accolades, including Filmfare Awards, Padma Shri, Golden Globe, Grammy, as well as Academy Awards (Oscars)!
  • R. Rahman has his own music institute called the KM Music Conservatory in Chennai to train aspiring musicians in vocals, sound design, musical instruments, and music technology.

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