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Hostel Daze: Web Series Review

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Amazon Prime Video.

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Cast: Adarsh Gourav, Nikhil Vijay, Luv, Shubham Gaur, Ayushi Gupta, Ahsaas Channa, Harsha Chemudu, Deepak Kumar Mishra, Arun Kumar, Nidhi Bisht, Anandeshwar Dwivedi, Biswapati Sarkar.

Director: Raghav Subbu.

Language: Hindi.
Genre: Comedy, Drama.
Release Date: 13th December 2019.

Platform: Amazon Prime Video.

“Here’s our review of TVF’s first collaboration series with Amazon Prime Video, Hostel Daze, which revolves around the lives of Engineering students and their not-so-glamorous hostel days.”


Ankit, Chirag and Jaat are the new freshers in the glorious world of Engineering college and its more glorious hostel life. From supplying porn to bribing fellow students one night before the exams, they become the “hostel boys”, surviving it all one semester at a time.


A TVF Original for Amazon Prime, Hostel Daze has “TVF” written all over it. A youth centered show that speaks their language and shows their lives, Hostel Daze revolves around 3 guys and their newly begun hostel life- the real hostel life you and I have experienced, not the one films usually portray. From harmless ragging and serious pranking, from mehnat to jugaad, they grow and adapt to the ruthless yet fun family that you choose, or the hostel chooses for you.

Each character and their growth is unique to themselves, yet they feel relatable to you in their uniqueness. Small details, such as Ankit turning from the shy and insecure person to the popular DOPA, Chirag’s no-abuse rule broken in the moment of betrayal, indicate the character arc, and the actors- Adarsh Gourav, Nikhil Vijay, Luv, Shubham Gaur- are above par in their portrayals. The cameo roles of other actors playing students are refreshing and provide a depth to the straightforward, situational story; Teja played by Harsha is a delight to watch. Also we are glad to see Biswapati on screen after so long.

With the technocolored introductory visuals, accompanied by Vaibhav Bundhoo’s hip music, you know you’ll be in for a trippy treat of audio-visual entertainment, and you won’t be disappointed.

Every episode breaks the fourth wall, and it is done by characters that usually are in the background, but are essential part of a hostel life- the janitor, watchman, lab TA, canteen manager, and the Xerox guy. It provides an insight into the each episode without becoming too expository.


The ragging and pranking sequences, no matter how harmless they are put forth, can be a trigger for some. Better to heed to the warning before.

Bottom Line:

Hostel Daze lives up to its anticipation, making you want to come back for another semester.


The TVF creators like to make their presence known in their originals- and Saurabh Khanna and Sameer Saxena make fun cameo appearances in the series.

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Despite the frustrations its upgrade system often caused me, I had a good time navigating Nex Machina’s array of twin-stick shooter challenges.

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  1. Arun Kumar 13th March 2020

    When you know it’s coming from TVF, there is a default setting in me which says it will be worth a watch and rarely they disappoints. The only doubt in my mind was whether the powerhouse of Amazon Prime will interfere in TVF storytelling and fortunately that didn’t happen. Amazing show that gave you the truthful, yet comical life inside the hostel. Loved the show and your review was apt to it.

    1. webfare 13th March 2020

      TVF is one of our favourites too. It was brilliant how Prime Video and TVF collaborated for this amazing show. We are glad our review could help you. Keep reading!


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