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Imperfect: Web Series Review


Imperfect Web Series

Cast: Samridhi Dewan, Manka Kaur, Varun Tewari, Abhinav Sharma, Susmita Mukherjee, Sonali Sachdev, Sayandeep Sengupta, Puja Sarup, Chaitanya Sharma.
Director: Ruchi Joshi, Vidhi Gulati.
Language: Hindi.
Genre: Romance, Comedy, Drama.
Channel: The Zoom Studios (YouTube Channel).
Release Date: 1st November, 2018.


Imperfect revolves around the life of 27-year old Isha Sanghvi, who since childhood has dreamed of a perfect fairy tale life. However, this dream of her is shattered when she loses her job and her boyfriend at the same time. Isha has to come to terms with the reality as well as the fact that life is full of imperfections. Aiding her on this journey is a 55 year old sassy life coach, Simmy, who teaches her self-worth and love.


  • Isha’s character is very relatable. Just like her, we’ve all had our own perceptions of life – a well-thought dreamy fairy tale story with a royal romance – and then reality hit us hard, which we dealt with by making up scenarios in our heads where our badass alter-egos bravely faced the baddies of life. Isha’s messy life is something we can all relate to.
  • The show takes us on a journey through the realities of life. It is an interesting take on the imperfections in life, and it also talks about the importance of loving oneself.
  • Although the show has a lot of dramatic effects, it is still a realistic storyline which increases the relatability quotient.
  • The script is well-written and the hilarious one-liners will definitely bring out a chuckle every time.
  • The series is full of high dramatized and ‘filmy’ scenes, which have been used efficiently to generate comedy and laughter.
  • The overall cinematography is brilliant. The colors, the background, and the symmetric placement of objects in every scene are an addition to the overall aesthetic appeal of the show. The camerawork and the editing heighten the comic factor.
  • The background music is appropriate and fits every scene perfectly – be it a dreamy fairy tale sequence, emotional scenes, comedy, or otherwise.
  • Samridhi Dewan dramatic portrayal of Isha Sanghvi deserves applause. Susmita Mukherjee is absolutely hilarious as the sassy life coach, Simmy. Chaitanya Sharma, who plays Aditt, has done a pretty good job as well. The supporting cast has also performed really well.

There’s nothing wrong with the series.

Bottom Line:
Hilarious Show, Entertaining Storyline and Relatable Characters. Definitely worth watching!


  • Actress Samridhi Dewan, who plays the character of Isha Sanghvi, is a part of the upcoming Indian adaptation of the TV series ‘The Office.’
  • Chaitanya Sharma, who plays the role of the college hottie Aditt Deo, is a well-known rapper who goes by the name of SlowCheetah. He is also a theatre artist and music composer.
  • When Chaitanya Sharma was offered the role of Aditt by Anand Tiwari, he could not turn down the opportunity. The writer of the show, Tahira Nath, is also one of his favorite writers.
  • Imperfect is the third original web series by The Zoom Studios, after The Reunion and Ready 2 Mingle.

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