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Inside Edge, Season 2: Web Series Review

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Amazon Prime Video.

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Cast: Aamir Bashir, Richa Chadha, Siddhant Chaturvedi, Sayani Gupta, Sapna Pabbi, Angad Bedi, Tanuj Virwani, Manu Rishi Chadha, Jitin Gulati, Flora Saini, Amit Sial, Gaurav Sharma.

Director: Aakash Bhatia, Gurmmeet Singh, Karan Anshuman.

Language: Hindi.
Genre: Sports Drama, Suspense
Release Date: 6th December 2019.

Platform: Amazon Prime Video.

“Inside Edge Season 2 is here with more drama coloured in mysteries that will leave you reeling. But is the Amazon Original Series better than the first? Find out!”


Bhaisaab aka Yashwardhan Patil (Aamir Bashir) enters the fold of Inside Edge Season 2 physically, catapulting the game into the next level. His partnership with Zarina Malik (Richa Chadha) re-establishes her presence in her acting world as well as the owner of the PPL team Mumbai Mavericks. Lured to the power Bhaisaab possesses, she tries to follow in his footsteps, crossing the line into the murky world of cricket and politics. On the other hand, Vayu (Tanuj Virwani) is now the captain of Mavericks, while the self-retired Arvind (Angad Bedi) comes back to be the captain of Haryana Hurricanes. In the midst of doping, betting, and power games, the two cricket enthusiasts struggle to balance their love for the game with everything that is going wrong around them.


  • Unlike its first season, Inside Edge Season 2 ropes you in right from the beginning. It opens by introducing the elusive and mysterious Bhaisaab, going all out to sketch the powerful persona he was indicated to be in Season 1. And powerful he is major credit for which goes to Aamir Bashir. A character whose still waters run deep, Bhaisaab is a poker-faced visionary/business/politician, the mastermind behind the entire game of cricket, literally and figuratively. Aamir Bashir does excellent justice to this influential character, until the very end, making the wait for Bhaisaab worth it.
  • The second instalment gets deeper and diverse than before; betting takes a backstage as the use of performance-enhancing drugs, players’ auction, the allure of power and revenge takes the front stage. Then there’s also your favourite players- Prashant Kanaujiya (Siddhant Chaturvedi), Vayu, Arvind– and their own personal demons that define their character arc. All these subplots entwine perfectly together to present a unified main plot, filled with plenty of nail-biting moments.
  • Inside Edge Season 2 has honed the craft of filmmaking to perfection. From its cinematic shots, background score, mood lightening to costumes, it creates an exemplary setting for the story to take place in.
  • Karan Anshuman (Creator of the show) seems to favour the metaphorical figure of speech- in various scenes he preaches big with small, subtle actions, effectively. Not to forget all the easter eggs that pop up throughout the show in a cheeky manner. (Let us know how many you figured out in the comments!) The story of Inside Edge is far from over, and Karan manages to end the show on a satisfactory note so viewers will come back for Season 3.


  • In an effort to portray a sensational world of deception and glamour, the screenplay fails to flesh out the ensemble cast and their characters. Pansare (Makrand Deshpande) and Mantra (Sapna Pabbi) play an essential role in the story, but only in the beginning and end of their time. They lay forgotten somewhere along the line, lessening the impact of their roles on the plot.
  • On the acting front, Richa Chadha seems to flounder in accommodating to the sudden burst of power and affluence she has got, and her hunger for more. The creator aims to use her sensuality as a weapon to climb the ladder, but Richa fails to deliver on that impact of being the ‘femme fatale’.
  • Tanuj Virwani also seems to grapple with his temperamental character in this season. His off-balance with the game is caused due to Pansare’s arrival and his sister Rohini’s (Sayani Gupta) abandonment for him, but it seems to get lost in translation.
  • Some of the twists and turns, especially the one at the last match where the players once again play the masters, become predictable hence lose the intended impact due to vacuousness.

Bottom Line:

Inside Edge season 2 solves the one mystery viewers have been waiting eagerly for (Bhaisaab), in a succinct manner. It definitely gets edgier and complex, with a few setbacks.


  • All 3 directors- Aakash, Gurmmeet, and Karan- make cameo appearances in the series in a blink and miss manner.

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