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Mirzapur: Web Series Review


Mirzapur web series

Cast: Ali Fazal, Vikrant Massey, Pankaj Tripathi, Divyendu Sharma, Shweta Tripathi, Shriya Pilgaonkar, Rasika Dugal, Kulbhushan Kharbanda.
Director: Gurmmeet Singh, Karan Anshuman, Mihir Desai.
Language: Hindi.
Genre: Crime, Thriller, Action.
Channel: Amazon Prime Video.
Release Date: 16th November, 2018.

Synopsis: Kaleen Bhaiya is the crime overlord of Mirzapur, who controls the illegal gun trade hidden behind his carpet business. His son, Munna, ends up shooting a groom at a wedding procession, which forces him to come face to face with a lawyer and his two sons, Guddu and Bablu. The brothers, initially fighting against criminal to protect their family, join the world of crime, leading to a power play that is filled with action, violence, and twists.    


  • Ali Fazal and Vikrant Massey as the two innocent brothers, Guddu and Bablu, forced into a world of crime, Pankaj Tripathi as Akhandanand Tripathi, the Vito Corleone-esque figure of Mirzapur, and Divyendu as Munna, the hot-headed son of Akhandanand, steal the screens with their powerful performances.
  • The leading women of the show – Rasika Dugal, Shweta Tripathi, and Shriya Pilgaonkar – have given similarly brilliant performances in the relatively small screen time they received.
  • The series begins with a ‘bang!’ – One that introduces us to the violence in Mirzapur, which only gets more and more intense.
  • The first episode effectively does the job of pulling you in, and keeping you on the edge of your seats throughout the whole episode. Similarly, the last episode, with its high shock value, will definitely keep you hooked on to the screen.
  • Mirzapur has all the elements of a true crime series – guns, violence, blood, sex, profanity, rivalry, corrupt politicians, collaborating policemen, and much more!
  • The comic sequences are a breather amidst all the violence in Mirzapur.


  • While the first and the last episode are some of the most intense ones, it gets really slow in the middle, becoming a drag to watch at times.
  • The women of the show are not utilized properly, and mostly appear as side characters that had potential to take the lead but lacked the layers and depth to do so. Nonetheless, the actors have done their job pretty well.
  • A number of characters were introduced throughout the series but remained insignificant to the plot. The supporting cast was underused, and the talents of these competent actors were not utilized well on the screen.
  • The intensity of the plot seemed to falter often, especially during scenes where highly intense moments were intercut with other scenes, and that constantly seemed to break the thrill.
  • The gore was too much – entrails spilling out, slow slitting of throats, burning alive, getting shot in the eye, and brains splattering on the wall. It is often unnecessary to see the gory details after every death, and there are other ways to show violence.
  • Mirzapur has a great start, but seems to suffer pitfalls in the further episodes; desperately trying to pick itself up and almost succeeding, before going down again.

Bottom Line:

The casting and the performances by the leading actors is what saves Mirzapur.


  • Pankaj Tripathi, who plays Akhandanand Tripathi, is also a part of Netflix’s Indian Original web series, Sacred Games. He was also seen as Sultan Qureshi in Anurag Kashyap’s Gangs of Wasseypur Part 1 & 2.
  • Mirzapur is produced by Excel Entertainment, which is the production house also responsible for producing Amazon Prime’s other Indian original, Inside Edge.

Watch The Trailer Here:

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