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PA Gals Season 2 Web series Review


Cast: Srishti Shrivastava, Ronjini Chakraborty, and Akanksha Thakur.
Director: Nidhi Bisht
Language: Hindi
Genre: Drama
Channel: Girliyapa
Release Date: August 4, 2018

Synopsis: With its previous season just ending with 3 episodes the PA Gals season 2 is back with same madness and retaining audience attention. The series starts with Mamta and Sonali finding a new flatmate for them as their 3rd mate gets moved out. So the 2nd  season has a new entry with a new backstory of this character. The second season of PA gals not only brings overwhelming presence but also a new creative format with basics related to its previous season. The settings, rooms, and music being the same give the series a new stem holding its roots.


  • Creatively the series brings a strong topic-oriented content with well-established characters.
  • The new entry brings new twists and a different storyline.
  • With the characters introduced in the previous season, you can see them exploring and playing well (clearly giving a super-like to Srishti) in this season.
  • A good side of Mamta and Sonali’s relation will be seen a friendly and blooming one.
  • With phenomenal on-set chemistry of the 3 leads, they try to hold the grip of the viewers.
  • It a good series giving you a moral at the end of each episode.


  • Some of the Prajakta Koli fans or character name “Disha” fans may have to miss her as she is not seen in the series.
  • You may miss the small fights between Disha and Mamta.

Bottom Line:

It is happy news for all the PA Gals lover as the show is back with fun and craziness.


Due to some reason, Prajakta Koli couldn’t shoot and hence the script had an alteration bringing the new entry in the house.

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