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What The Folks Season 3: Web Series Review


In What The Folks Season 3 by Dice Media, Anita and Nikhil’s family is together on-screen something we have been waiting for. Is it worth it or is it not? Find out!

What the folks season 3 web series review

Cast: Eisha Chopra, Veer Rajwant Singh, KritiVij, Deepika Amin, Renuka Shahane, Shishir Sharma.

Director: Omar Iyer, Bharat Misra, Pranjal Dua.

Language: Hindi.

Genre: Family Drama, Comedy.

Channel: Dice Media (YouTube).

Release Date: 5th October 2019.


Nikhil (Veer Rajwant Singh) and Anita (Eisha Chopra) are finally at that point in life we like to call ‘being settled’.Nikhil’s start-up has successfully grown up, Anita has a promotion under her belt, but as is the won’t of life, you cannot just have all the good things. As the couple experiences a pregnancy scare, moving forward with a baby becomes the center of their lives. Between the conflict of whether they want a baby or not and Kiran’s (Nikhil’s father) Alzheimer’s, the Solankis and Sharmas realize what it means to be an individual and a family, together.


  • In the third chapter of Dice Media’s What The Folks, we see both the Solanki and Sharma family at work, together. In the first season, we got to know the Sharma family, while in the second season we became familiar with the Solanki It’s a delight to watch both sides of the equation come together and be the quintessential Indian family- with all the interference, bickering and grudging make-up.
  • What The Folks Season 3 has two things at its center stage- Anita & Nikhil being parents and Kiran’s (Shishir) Alzheimer’s. Everything else is a subplot that gives depth to the families’ dynamics.
  • Through these subplots, this season explores identity crisis- from holding onto it, finding it to exploring it. Anita’s father has gone off to some meditation camp which leaves Sudha (Deepika), her mother, all alone at the house. For a housewife who has spent her life taking care of her husband and children, when she finds herself alone, Sudharealizes that she has lost herself in the life of others. Conversely, as Kiran starts forgetting stuff, he tries with all his might to hold on to the person he is, by doing all he can for his family while he still can. Shreya (Kriti) is divorced and living an independent life, learning what it means to create her own life.
  • Through the above characters, and the justifiable performances by the concerned actors, What The Folks gains a somberness on an unprecedented level, without sounding preachy. It sheds light on parenting, old age, and self-independence, in a comfortably familiar manner.
  • Veer and Eisha leave their mark in their short screen time, as is expected and so it’s delivered. Renuka Shahane is applaud-worthy as Vandana. The firm and steady presence despite the chaos, she handles the entire series with easy charm and expertise. Also, us 90s kids will get a special kick out the sneaky Hum Aapke Hai Koun reference!


  • In the bid to cover the Sharmas’, Solankis’ and Anita-Nikhil’s life, the story loses the seamless edge. It seems hurried and forced, lacking the smooth transition in the initial episodes.
  • Also, Dice Media usually did brand integration in a wholesome manner. But in this season, we are bombarded by Mutual Funds so much, that after a point it becomes a nuisance.

Bottom Line:

What The Folks Season 3 is the perfect example of “What’s a family without some drama, eh?”. It definitely is a step-up and worth a watch if you love ‘The Folks’.

Watch The First Episode Here:

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