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Who Am I – Short Film Review.


Who Am I

Cast: Manisha Marzara, Hemant Kumar Rathi, Rana Jung Bahadur.
Director: Raja Ram Mukerji.
Language: Hindi.
Genre: Drama, Family.
Channel: The Short Cuts (YouTube Channel).
Release Date: 8 December 2018.

Synopsis: ‘Who Am I’ deals with a modern woman’s search for identity as she tries to balance the various responsibilities she is expected to fulfill in a society where no one truly cares about her wants. Will she stay caged in and bury her dreams or will she pursue her desires despite resistance?


  • The short film highlights the various roles that a woman has to play in her life – of a wife, a mother, a caretaker, a cook, etc. and sometimes, also of a working woman, and also depicts the strength of such women who tirelessly work all day every day.
  • The fact that a lot of women have had to shed their identities and bury their dreams after marriage is highlighted accurately in the short film.
  • Manisha Marzara, who plays Ambika Kashyap, delivers a powerful performance as a working woman who has to deal with restrictions after marriage. She has depicted Ambika’s desire for love and respect in an impactful manner. Every emotion of pain and predicament has been brilliantly captured.
  • ‘Who Am I’ compares hardworking women to goddess Durga, and lays bare the hypocrisy of the society which worships goddesses but treats their own women at home as emotionless slaves whose only job is to take orders and serve.
  • The film will definitely sensitize you towards the work women do in the house – the entire balancing and multitasking process that they undergo on a daily basis.
  • The final scene of the short film that portrays the dance by Ambika, representing her triumph over the society’s burdens and restraints and her decision to pursue her dream, mirrors the victory of goddess Durga over the demon Mahishasura.


  • There’s nothing wrong with the short film.

Bottom Line:

‘Who Am I’ delivers a hard-hitting truth about society’s behavior towards women, in an almost poetic manner.


  • Manisha Marzara was a part of TV show Peterson Hill, as well as the short film Miyaan Kal Aana, produced by Nawazuddin Siddiqui.
  • The director Raja Ram Mukerji is the brother of actress Rani Mukherjee and was the director of the short films Sab Theek Hai and Beti, both women-centric and highlighting problems faced by females.

Watch The Short Film Here:

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