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Who is the Daddy Now, Abhay, Episode 2: Web Series Review


Who is the Daddy Now, Abhay, Episode 2: Web Series Review

Cast: Kunal Kemmu, Elnaaz Norouzi, Anshuman Jha, Yashasri Masurkar, Maninee Mishra, Sandeepa Dhar, Rituraj Singh, Nitish Pandey, Priyal Gor.

Director: Ken Ghosh.

Language: Hindi.

Genre: Crime, Thriller.

Channel: ZEE5.

Release Date: 27th February 2019.


Abhay and his Special Task Force (SPF) team are onto a high profile case- Surbhi, daughter of a big businessman, who was going for a vacation in New York, is reported missing. Watch as the case leads Abhay into a another spectre of humanity.


  • Abhay elevates its thrilling and spine-chilling quotient with its new episode, Who is the Daddy Now. As the title suggests, it centers around a sexual predator who is a psychopath, result of past events and baggage, who one day just snaps. You might laugh after the reading the title, but the episode is anything but funny.
  • Who is the Daddy Now focuses on the emotionally damaged men who turn to the darker side, using sex and abuse as their crutches.
  • Anshuman Jha deserves a special mention for his exceptional portrayal of Pramod Mishra, an emotionally damaged person who turns out to be a temperamental monster, a creep, a prey that feels no remorse, whatsoever, over his actions.
  • Kunal Kemmu is as amazing, if not more, as the first episode. Abhay’s (his character) storyline progresses, revealing bits and chunks from his pasts, running simultaneously with the main plot, seamlessly.
  • Unlike the first episode, this one utilizes all the supporting characters, everyone playing an equally pivotal role, and contributing to the story.
  • The lightening used to depict certain sequences, be it in Abhay’s dreamy flashback to the neon lights at Pramod’s hideout, creates the necessary impact, elevating the story’s
  • Natasha’s character creates a high sense of curiosity, because she turns out to be a completely different person than anticipated, yet maintaining her mysterious character. Abhay uses the cliff-hanger technique perfectly, ensuring the audience will come back.


  • The violent and graphic scenes can be off-putting for some. Watch at your own discretion. Other than that, the show is a must watch.

Bottom Line:

The in-the-face yet subtle nature of the sombre, dark issues surrounding us is eye-opening and awakening. Definitely worth a watch.


  • Priyal Gor, who makes a cameo appearance as Abhay’s wife, can be seen VB on the Web’s Maaya 2, and Viu’s Memories.
  • Ken Ghosh has directed various web series for ALTBalaji such as Dev DD, Haq Se, and XXX: Uncensored.

Watch The Trailer Here:

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