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Whoop! by Abish Mathew: Stand-up Review


Comedian: Abish Mathew.
Channel: Amazon Prime Video (App/Website).
Director: Kreeti Gogia.
Language: English, Hindi.
Release Date: 14th December 2018.

Catch Phrase:

“With vinamrata in his eyes, he looks down at his sperm bank and says, ‘Beta, baap ko ulta jawab dega saale!’”


  • His name is enough to explain everything. His exuberant entry, his captivating stage presence, and his hilarious jokes- all add up to the bumper pack-and-parcel Abish is.
  • The one-hour comedy special is a great, in Abish’s own words, Kegel exercise for both men and women, with comic moments gracing every minute of it, cracking you up.
  • A Malayali Catholic Comedian. The reason behind this weird combination is explained in this stand-up, attributing it to his amazing (read horrific) childhood, from his Dad beating him up to his Mom’s silent ‘rage-language’. Apart from this, making women his centre-point of the next segment, from being raised with 5 sisters, female comic artists, public restrooms to sex and marriage (wide bizzare range, huh?), he owns the viewers and all their laughs, ending it with our very own favorite, Yo Yo Honey Singh.
  • It’s truly commendable and literal when we say, that Abish owns the stage in his entire special. He even manages to make a whole joke out of performing a simple, mundane task of wiping the sweat off his face (I have sweat glands, yaar!).
  • His expressions and performance are as funny, if not more, as his lines. At certain points, his actions convey his message so brilliantly, that you can’t help but admire him. He has perfected the art of engaging his audience to the T.
  • Pro tip: wait for the meaning behind the title. And be ready with tissues, because you’re going to cry out with laughter.


  • Unless you are the prudish one who doesn’t condone strong, uncensored language, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t watch this stand-up special.

The Final Verdict:

If laughter is the best medicine, then Abish Mathew is the best Doctor out there! For a cathartic, one-hour of uncontrollable, relatable, belly-jaw-aching laughter, Whoop! is the perfect option.

Watch The Trailer Here:

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