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Wonder Menon by Anu Menon: Stand-up Review

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Wonder Menon

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Comedian: Anu Menon.
Language: English.
Release Date: 14th June 2019.
Platform: Amazon Prime Video.

“I am willing to do everything that Kangana Ranaut rejects. Including Hrithik Roshan.”


First and foremost, we get to see Lola Kutty. So that’s the biggest Yayyyyy!

Aside from the delightful surprise appearance by Lola Kutty, who is as refreshing as ever, Anu Menon reminds you why it is necessary to watch her stand-up special with the very first line. The laughter chapter ensues from there and goes on till the end. So a fair warning, get your cardio in check and strap on your smart glasses, because Anu slays it in Wonder Menon with her witty humor and sarcastic banter.

Anu provides a rundown of her life after marriage- from her often absent Gujju husband, self-respecting Malayali parents, the lovely spectacle marriage and motherhood is to her joint-family trips to abroad, peppered with political innuendos and pop-culture references. Be it Shashi Tharoor, Salman Khan or Game of Thrones (alarming connection, no?), she weaves it all together with her penchant of side-splitting, astute humor. Oh, and her amazingly clean accents.

Anu makes the audience a part of her special, asking them questions and including them throughout her one hour stand-up, and even if you’re behind the screen you can’t help but feel like you’re part of the live audience too. This is achieved greatly, also, by the cinematography. The camera angles work in ways that make the stand-up a wholesome, live experience.

The ukulele bit at the end is like cherry on top; one-liners that make you laugh out loud. Also, stay for the post-credits for few prolonged moments of fun.

Kudos to the person who has created the special logo, and the one who has given the background music. Stellar job.


Not a thing.

The Final Verdict:

Anu Menon has perfected the art of transcending the Target Group, her jokes reach all and everyone, no matter what the topic is. A must watch.

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