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Xerox Engineer by Karthik Kumar: Stand-up Review


Comedian: Karthik Kumar.
Channel: evam Standup Tamasha (YouTube).
Language: English, Tamil.
Release Date: 3rd February 2019.

Catch Phrase:

“There are two X’s in xerox we South Indians blindly ignore, because whenever we see an ‘X’, we think it’s algebra, we can solve it. We’ll solve them and replace them with whatever we can pronounce.”


  • Karthik Kumar, former engineer, one of the founders of evam Standup Tamasha, owns up the entire stage and the audience in this latest performance. It would be unfair to call it a stand-up; it’s a power-packed live performance of laughter.
  • Engineers have been the topic of memes and comedy in our country for a long time now, and not by others, but more often by themselves. Karthik’s piece is not just any regular take on engineering, it’s a whole new point of view, that’s refreshing and hilarious.
  • Karthik, as mentioned before, owns the audience and the stage with his performance. He makes use of the entire stage, literally performing the comic piece with an enthusiasm and drive that engages you right in from the first moment, ensuing into a laughter riot. His expressions, his actions and his comic delivery proves why he is such an acclaimed comic artist, not only in India, but also abroad.
  • Pro tip: Macha is a Tamil word with a lot of different meanings; used as an ‘affectionate term to call another person’ in this comic context.


  • If you don’t understand Tamil, Karthik’s occasional use of Tamil phrases and words can throw you off, but there are subtitles embedded, which helps a great deal. Definitely worth the tiny hassle, for 10 minutes of belly-aching laughter.

The Final Verdict:

Karthik adds another ‘engineering joke’ to your laughter quota- a hysterical and unique joke. A must watch.

Watch The Short-Film Here:

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