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Yeh Meri Family: Web Series Review


Cast: Mona Singh, Akarsh Khurana, Vishesh Bansal, Ahan Nirban, Ruhi Khan
Directors: Sameer Saxena
Language: Hindi
Genre: Family
Channel: TVF (The Viral Fever) app
Release date: 12th  July 2018

Synopsis: Yeh Hai Meri Family’ is a seven-episode web series which takes its viewers back to their memory lane. The wait is over, as this web series is out, featuring its first episode on YouTube too. This web series is a comedy as well as drama based series. The web series is directed by the creator of ‘Tripling’ and ‘Permanent roommates’, Sameer Saxena. TVF has partnered with Association Of Mutual Funds India (AMFI) for this web series showing a beautiful merge of accounts in the family, as they originate from not the gaudy imagination but true accounts. TVF premiered its episodes first on 12th July 2018.


  • The natural setting and connecting simplicity of the series made a remarkable success.
  • A bittersweet combination of conversation is shown in the series which makes the audience comfortable to the sequence and the characters.
  • As the characters have a common yet engaging story at the very beginning of the episode the viewers relate to the situations and the mood of the story.
  • The actors, even the most minor ones, are perfectly in tune with the parts they play.
  • Characteristics of each and every character is shown in the web series which makes it easy to understand the characters and go in a flow with the web series.


  • There is nothing wrong as such in the web series so far that can be pointed out.

Bottom Line: Its potent mix of nostalgia and coming of age, strikes a chord with the 90s kids.


  • TVF has partnered with Association Of Mutual Funds India (AMFI) for this web series

Note: The review is based on the first 2 episodes of YEH MERI FAMILY – web series.


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